nuclear disaster

The events surrounding the nuclear disaster in Japan seem to echo the BP disaster last year. In both cases we see business interests taking risks that threaten the entire world, risks that pose the possibility for irreparable damage to the world. The same holds true for genetic engineering. Life forms are being released into the world that could cause unexpected problems. Things are being done that can’t be “taken back”.
These guys keep moving forward at breakneck speed with their plans, despite the fact that they have no plans for the worst-case scenario. As events have shown us, worst-case scenarios do happen.
Meanwhile the people in the government don’t seem to have the will or the power to prevent these guys from going ahead with their dangerous plans. There is hardly any funding for alternative energy. There are no laws that demand realistic energy efficiency. (Why should anyone need a Humvee to go to the supermarket?)
The Republicans in our congress and in our state governments are busy cutting back on funding for the already inadequate programs that might set us on the right path. They are cutting back on the education funds that might foster and encourage some child who might help figure out ways to extricate us from this mess. Public transportation is in terrible shape. Funding for alternative energy is paltry.
And then there are all the rest of us. Let’s face it. We’re spoiled. We’ve come to expect and to try to attain lifestyles and comforts that are not sustainable. We will remove from power any politician who questions our right to way have too much. We are not willing to make the changes that are necessary to save the earth. We don’t even know how to make these changes. We’re stuck on our suicidal path.


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One Response to nuclear disaster

  1. bethsheba goldstein says:

    So true. We know just enough to be so very dangerous. But we have too much greed and pride to care.

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