egypt 2- letter to the editor

The events in Egypt represent a fork in the road for American foreign policy.       On one hand we can continue to support Mubarak. We have been supplying Egypt with armaments and military supply; over one billion dollars a year of military aid. In so doing, we reveal our ambivalence towards democracy. We continue to support for  undemocratic and unpopular regimes. We continue our policies toward that entire region: our uncritical support of Israel, our willingness to go to any length to maintain control over our oil supply and our willingness to go ever more deeply into debt to support our wars to  maintain that control. We can do this either though overt support for Mubarak or merely be doing nothing.     On the other hand we can support the people of Egypt, who have expressed their clear desire for regime change. We can do this by refusing to continue our support for the Egyptian military by cutting off our funding. We can end our wars for oil and thus reduce the ever-increasing debt that these wars are generating. We can begin to invest in alternative and green energy supply.      In either case, we may find that we will have to pay more for the oil that we consume and face a reduction in our standard of living. This will happen if we begin to pay a fair price for the natural resources we import from other countries. This will also happen if we continue to pour money into endless wars. Given these two choices I suggest that we live up to our principles snd do what is right. We should support   democracy and the Egyptian people.


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