I  have so many questions and thoughts.

1. Wasn’t it to Egypt that those people were sent whom we had captured by extraordinary rendition? Didn’t we send them there to our proxy torturers? Haven’t we been in bed with the very regime against which the people are now rising? The tear gas canisters that are being lobbed at the people say “Made in the USA”. I heard on the TV that most of the aid that we have sent to Egypt was used to purchase military hardward from the USA. We have been supplying the Government there with the means to oppress their people. Do we really believe that, even if Obama and Secretary Clinton said all the right things, the people of Egypt would ever trust us?

2. What does all of this mean to our foreign policy in that whole region? Suppose the people of all of the oppressive governments with whom we have allied ourselves rise up and demand real democracy. Voting is a part of democracy, but rigged elections aren’t democratic. The real meaning of democracy is rule by the people.

3. This whole event reveals to degree to which our country and our way of life is a mansion built on sand and hypocrisy. What if real democracy came to the region? What if  their interests collided with ours? What if we had to pay a fair price for oil? What if we stopped supporting regimes which oppressed their people? What if we really cared about the rights of women?


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One Response to egypt

  1. Michael S. Moore says:

    What if we just followed the dictum, “With Liberty and Justice for all?”

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