Democracy Indeed!

Our governor went and marched with the anti abortion crowd. He insulted the NAACP. He got elected with less than 40% of the votes in a three way race. He doesn’t represent the majority of the people of Maine.
In the last two years we watched as a minority of Senators in Washington killed bill after bill. Those that weren’t killed were watered down to almost nothing.
We watch as big corporate money chooses which candidates get nominated and pours huge amounts of money into the campaigns of those who protect their corporate interests.
We are fighting wars that the majority of the people would like to end, that is, we are fighting wars against the will and the better judgement of the people.
Democracy is hardly working here. Then we have the audacity to imagine that we will impose democracy on other peoples. What a sad demise!


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One Response to Democracy Indeed!

  1. Robin Brooks says:

    Well said, Abby. Unless we can do better with our educational system (please, protect it from further privatization!) and getting corporate influence out of government, I fear we are a doomed society. Yet our fragile democracy is only as good as the degree to which we each pay attention and participate!

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